How To Maintain UPVC Windows To Make Them Last

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Windows are necessary for a variety of reasons on your home. They let natural sunlight in, which is more pleasing than artificial light for many people, and saves you money since you do not have to turn on lamps or overhead lights. They also let you see outside to watch your kids play, or see who is coming up the driveway. But, if you do not take care of them, they can become permanently damaged. Luckily, it is not hard to learn how to maintain uPVC windows if this is the type you have.

uPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride. This is a mix of materials that creates a really wonderful window that has a range of benefits for homeowners who have them installed. For one, they do not warp the way that traditional wood window frames do, so they will maintain their shape. They don’t have to be painted the way wooden frames do, so that is one less expense and hassle as well. They are also stronger, so are much harder to break, warp or splinter.

To maintain them properly, you have to start with a periodic integrity check. Just look them over to see what condition they are in. Check the locks especially, as these keep intruders out. Make sure they do not look broken or tampered with. Check the hinges as well to ensure they look in good shape.

If they are squeaky when you open them, then they may need some kind of lubrication to stop the squeaking, like anything with joints. You can go the natural route and use a little bit of clean cooking oil on a rag. Just rub at the joints, then open and close the window repeatedly until it stops making noise. You can also use a chemical such as WD-40 available at your local store instead.

You will want to keep the windows clean as part of your routine maintenance. Dust is something you don’t want to pile up on the frames, especially if someone in your home has an allergy. You can simply use the hose attachment on your vacuum to suck up the dust for you if you desire, or do it the old fashioned way with a cloth.

Speaking of clothes, you should never use anything abrasive such as steel wool or a dish scrubber. This could damage the windows and make them opaque and hard to see through. This damage is likely permanent, so be careful. Use soft clothes that leave no lint behind, and do not use any kind of cleaner that is abrasive, as these can be just as damaging as rough cloths. You want to especially avoid any cleaners that have ammonia in them.

There is also a special PVC solvent cleaner available on the market that can be used without fear of damage. It is a special chemical made just for this type of window, so you can use it without worry. These may not be available at the local grocer, but a specialty store or website will have it.

After cleaning, you should ensure that you do not leave any moisture behind, as this can dry down and create spots or streaks. Instead, take a microfiber cloth and use it to dry the surface completely. This not only prevents spots or streaks, but also makes the uPVC material shine.

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