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Pitched roof extensions

Pitched roof extensions

How Much Does A Pitched Roof Extension Cost?

The cost of a pitched roof extension also depends on the type of extension to be built, but is mainly influenced by the size of the pitched roof extension.

Pitched roof extension Manchester

Whether you choose to opt for a pitched roof or must have one to comply with planning restrictions, pitched roof extensions in Manchester do have the benefit of generally lasting longer than flat roof extensions and can be more aesthetically appealing. Popular for Manchester’s period properties where keeping the integrity of a building is paramount, a pitched roof extension can transform your home.
Pitched roofs are not always used for small structures like extensions as they tend to cost more. However, some of our clients have opted for pitched roofs as they do have their benefits.

Here are the pros and cons of pitched roof extensions:


The design of a pitched roof will usually blend in better with the style of more traditional houses, making it a favourite with planning departments.
Higher ceilings: a pitched roof gives you more height and can offer more architectural features, such as beams and a sloping ceiling.
Longer lifespan: a pitched roof tends to have a longer lifespan than a flat roof, thanks to the design and the more weather resistant, durable materials that are used.
A pitched roof will also allow for more insulation than a flat roof – helping to keep your energy bills down.


Cost: a pitched roof is more expensive due to the level of structural engineering needed and the materials used.
Pitched roofs generally take more time to build than flat roofs, which can mean more disruption and larger labour costs.

We offer a wide range of options, including finance; for more information, and a free consultation, request a quote.

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