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Edwardian style conservatories

Edwardian style conservatories

What is an Edwardian Conservatory?

Edwardian conservatories, otherwise known as Georgian Conservatories, have a neat and clean look about them. They are ideal for many homes as the simple, minimalist design complements all types of architecture. This ensures that you can enjoy a stylish new room whatever property you have, making these conservatories a brilliant choice for many Greater Manchester home improvements. They are sure to be a wonderful addition to your home.

Practical Living Space

Edwardian conservatories come with a square or rectangular shape, and this makes them very best choice for a practical home improvement. You can fill these conservatories with furniture and they will still feel spacious, ideal for creating a new living room, home office or even dining area. Edwardian conservatories are stylish and functional, giving you the best of everything.

Complement Your Home

When you choose an Edwardian conservatory for your Essex home, you are accessing the perfect style for blending in with your architecture. These conservatories were designed in the Edwardian period as garden rooms, filled with plants and foliage. Nowadays, the simple features blend in so well with period properties and with contemporary architecture.

Thermally Efficient Conservatories

Our conservatories are capable of withstanding even the worst British weather, and this includes the bitter cold of winter. You will benefit from superior thermal performance, keeping your conservatory cosy on even the coldest days. This is great for your energy bills, as you will use less heating, and it means your new living space can be used year round, whatever the weather.

We offer a wide range of options, including finance; for more information, and a free consultation, request a quote.

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