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Bay windows

Bay windows

What Are Bay Windows?

Bay Windows comprises windows that together make a boxed shape protruding out from the external wall of your home. Making the decision to replace your windows with spacious Bay Windows in Manchester is now even easier. Ensure your property takes on a new lease of life with our range of stunning Bay Windows.

Bay Windows is a hallmark in design, offering beautiful aesthetics and larger amounts of space. Create a more personal touch with a variety of colours and finishes, including leaded fanlights for a more personal touch. We offer a wide range of window options to ensure your new Bay Windows are in keeping with your home.

Instead of installing replacement casement windows in a similar style to your old, tired double glazing, give your property a brand new look with our range of Bow and Bay windows. These Bow Windows give a feeling of spaciousness from the inside with a stunning appearance from the outside.

Bow and Bay Windows Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Our uPVC Bow and Bay Windows are energy efficient and contribute to a greener planet. You could make your home in Greater Manchester warmer and reduce your heating costs.

Energy Efficient

Each of our Bay and Bow Windows come with an unbeatable Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘A+’. The tight fit in the allocated space ensured no cold spots are found inside, meaning your home is warmer for longer. Thus, saving you money on your energy bills.

Design Options

We understand the importance of having a home that looks and feels like your own. This is why we offer a range of design options. Our uPVC Bay and Bow windows are available in a choice of styles including three-facet, box bay – as well as five facet designs.

We offer a wide range of options, including finance; for more information, and a free consultation, request a quote.

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