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Sash windows

Sash windows

Classic style sash windows

Practical and elegant sash windows in Manchester

Very much indicative of the typical windows seen throughout the 19th century, sash windows have remained a popular window design in Britain due to their versatile function. They take their name from the fact that their sash is able to easily slide up and down, rather than outwards, in a conventional manner. The result is a window that is inherently classic, ideal for those wanting to add a splash of sophistication while keeping their home practical. Sash windows from Elite Windows and Conservatories are an inexpensive solution of achieving the Victorian window look without needing to compromise on their original hardwood counterparts’ high maintenance needs. Engineered in easy-to-look-after uPVC, homeowners can enjoy a seamless blend of authenticity and an impressively energy efficient replacement window with double or triple glazing.

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