Do You Know What’s The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery?

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Ornate windows and other touches have been a part of history for centuries. They were often used as status symbols, allowing people to show off their wealth with such big decorative flourishes. Today, that is still the case in most countries. In England, there were both conservatories and orangeries that fulfilled this need to show off your social status and the amount of money you had. A lot of people who study decor or even architecture know the difference, but if you are not an expert in one of these fields, you may ask yourself, What’s the difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery?

An orangery, which was also spelled orangerie in some texts, started in the 17th century, and stayed quite popular until the 19th century. It resembled a modern day greenhouse, because it was largely made of glass and was mostly used to grow produce during the cold winter months when the ground was much too cold or frozen to grow things.

Since glass and the other materials needed were quite expensive, only the wealthiest of the rich could possibly afford to have one. If you had citrus fruit to serve to guests, it meant you had an orangery full of citrus trees, and people would marvel at your wealth.

A conservatory is quite similar, and was also used to grow plants, though not citrus. In most cases, it was used to grow shrubs and other items for decorative and agricultural use. The roof is made of glass just like the walls to allow the maximum amount of light in, which also helped to keep the plants warm and get them to grow even faster.

The roof is the biggest difference between the two, since an orangery usually had a roof made of common building materials rather than glass, like a conservatory. The location is also a difference in most cases. Most orangeries were built apart from the main house, whereas conservatories were often built as an addition to the home. Access to them was much easier this way if you lived in the main house, so it was easier to show it off to guests who might stop by.

Materials besides glass included wood and brick. Today, if you want a conservatory built, you will often decide on wood or brick depending on what your home looks like. They are meant to mirror each other, to be an extension of sorts. The decor and general look should match so that it looks like it was built as a part of the original structure, even though it was actually added on later.

Even though it is old fashioned, having one of these structures is a great way to improve your property. It looks very high end and will impress friends, families and neighbors alike.

The structures will also add to the value of your home significantly. If in the future you find yourself wanting to sell, then you can ask for a higher price, and chances are good that you will get it.

The cost of installing one varies, depending on the size and materials used. It generally takes anywhere from two to four months to build one, again depending on the size.

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