Increased Home Security With A Rock Door

Purchasing a house is perhaps one of the biggest investments of an individual’s life, so it makes sense to want to make it attractive inside and out. As it is also the place where one keeps their family and possessions, it should be as safe from intruders as possible. It is easy to get increased home security with a Rock Door which also happens to look amazing.

This brand’s products have been rated among the best in the UK for strength and durability. They are practically maintenance free and their unique composite design is made to last for thirty years or more. When it comes to thermal efficiency, their quality and performance is simply outstanding, with certain models achieving the highest ratings available.

Each piece is custom made to the precise measurements of the intended entryway with an inner frame that is reinforced with carbon fiber for extra strength. The integrity is further amplified by having all components including the glass, hinges, locks and deadbolts, built directly into the design instead of being added after manufacturing. The solid construction makes it more difficult for intruders to break in or remove the window panes.

The industry has established rating systems that let the consumers know how an item performs in certain areas. A rate of of 1 means that the product is at the most secure level possible, while a 7 is at the lowest end. As for energy conservation, an A is the most efficient available on the market, and a G would mean very little insulation at all.

The Select series holds an energy rating of E and secure ranking of 5, putting it about mid-range but still above what is offered as industry standard. It features a door sash thickness of 44mm, 2mm high impact skins, spacer bar and traditional butt hinges. All five available designs are beautifully stylish, strong, great for use as either a front or back entry, and fully guaranteed.

A step above is the Elite series which rates C in energy and 3 in secure factor. It has the same specifications as the Selects but with a higher grade lock, double glazed glass units filled with Argon, and 3D adjustable hinges. There are six designs available in a range of colors and an impressive selection of letter plate and handle options.

At the top of the line and rated tops in the nation, is the Ultimate series which boasts an incredible A in energy and 1 for being most secure. They are the strongest composite entryway products available, having door sashes that are 50mm thick and skins of 3mm, and a multi point locking system. There are 24 beautifully stylish designs in this line.

Every item in each series is backed by a full guarantee for durability and efficiency, are low maintenance and built to last for decades. Products are available to fit front, back or side entry locations, all custom measured for a perfectly balanced match that maintains construction integrity. Specialty designs such as French and Stable style doors are also available if desired.

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