Find Out Why Windows Can Be Drafty And How To Fix Them

One of the best ways to ensure that your home is an affordable and energy-efficient one is by blocking cold drafts out. With drafts, not only will you have gusts of cold air seeping in constantly throughout the winter, but you also have a problem with heated or cooled air slipping out. This will increase the amount of work that your HVAC system must do in order to maintain ambient temperatures inside of the home, all throughout the year. Keep reading to find out why windows can be drafty and to determine just what to do about it.

The greatest areas of deficiency when it comes to maintaining a tightly sealed and energy-efficient abode are the windows and the doors. The first step in your efforts to prevent heat loss and to minimize the demands on your home heating and cooling system, is to make sure that weather stripping is good and that there are no noticeable cracks or gaps along entries. Next, check to see whether or not your problems have drafts.

This is an issue that is most likely to occur among windows that are of a certain age. This remains true irrespective of the window size, style, or overall composition. All windows irrespective of the materials that they are comprised of or their general construct are subject to the ravages of age. Their seals and glazing start to break down.

With a simple, single pane window, especially one that’s not quite of age, you can always replace the seal. These, however, are among the most inefficient windows out there. If there are problems with the seal, improving this will be quick and simple. But you will still experience a lot of heat loss over the long run.

This style of window is considered to be extremely outdated. So much so in fact, that in most locations, there are rebates and other incentives available to encourage homeowners to have these things replaced. You can offset the costs of a new upgrade by taking advantage of these often, government-sponsored rewards. The out of pocket spending that you do, however, is guaranteed to pay for itself within a fair short amount of time due to the resulting energy savings.

Double pane windows are built to last. If they are properly sealed and installed, they should provide a good, solid barrier for a very long time. One thing to note, however, is that damaged seals on these units cannot be repaired. The entire window must be replaced whenever this problem occurs. Bad seals on these structures will allow condensation to get in-between the two pane of glass, thereby opening the door to mold, mildew and other, moisture-related property damages.

This is also true of triple and quadruple pane designs. Another issue that can cause these structures to be drafty is the breakdown of the glazing. Once this occurs, the entire pane or structure should be replaced. Repairs like these can save you a veritable fortune in heating costs and they will also make the abode more appealing to prospective buyers.

Taking care of drafts is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your year-round home heating and cooling costs. In rare instances, this is an issue that can be easily resolved with a quick and inexpensive fix. In most cases, however, it is a sure sign that old and outdated designs will have to be replaced.

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