The Benefits Of FENSA Membership

The Fenestration Self Assessment scheme or FENSA in short is the industry standard that replacement door and window installers use to self certify themselves so that their work can comply with the building regulations. According to a report commissioned by the government, FENSA is the most successful competent person schemes in the United Kingdom. Contractors can benefit in many ways by maintaining a FENSA membership.

The Glass and Glazing Federation and other industry bodies set up FENSA in response to the building regulations for double glazing firms in Wales and England, and due to government encouragement. As they replace doors, windows and roof lights, homeowners must comply with current building regulations and thermal performance standards. They must also make sure that they obtain a certificate from the local authority building control or from a competent person scheme like the Fenestration Self Assessment scheme.

The Fenestration Self Assessment scheme enables firms to self certify compliance under the current building regulations without having to undergo a separate assessment from building control. This competent person scheme gets funds to support its certification operations from a combination of inspection and membership fees. It sets its charges at appropriate levels to finances its continuing operation and expansion of the certification product and provide reserves against unforeseen events.

As an installer of replacement doors and windows, self certification is one of the most affordable and efficient ways of making sure that your projects comply with building regulations. Since all local authorities recognize the Fenestration Self Assessment scheme standard, you do not have to do anything extra even if you complete projects across areas governed by multiple local authorities.

There are many reasons why the Fenestration Self Assessment scheme makes a difference. One of them is that homeowners and local authorities trust and demand it. You can also save time and administration if you are registered with this competent person scheme because you will get free job notifications with an auto insurance process. You will also get a fee industry magazines, free technical help lines, free surveyors guide and free showroom stickers and van stickers.

Once you are a member of FENSA, you will also obtain guidance from local, independent and experienced inspectors. They can assist you to maintain the quality of your work. The process of registering to become a member is also straightforward.

Some of the companies that have joined the Fenestration Self Assessment scheme include home improvement companies, builders, glazing companies, property developers and housing associations. Since these companies use and trust FENSA, consumers can also trust it. It scheme protects consumers from unscrupulous firms by withholding the scheme from those who are unable to pass its independent assessments and reporting the firms that erroneously claim to be members.

As an installer who is FENSA registered, you must give a certain form of deposit indemnity if you take a deposit in advance of installations. The deposits can be guaranteed by credit card protection or by a trade association deposit indemnity scheme. As a registered business, you must also give your clients a 10 year warranty or guarantee that covers the expense of carrying out rectification work due to defects. By maintaining this kind of membership, you can get more clients as they will have confidence in your business.

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