What To Do If Your Conservatory Is Leaking

A conservatory is a perfect area at home that gives you a rare opportunity to enjoy extraordinary moments with family or friends. However, the chance to enjoy such a facility can slip away if the area starts to leak. If you realize that water is leakage in your glasshouse, you need to look for experts to repair it early enough to avert any damage. A slight drip can cause serious issues or extend to expensive repairs. The rest of this article focuses on letting you discover what to do if your conservatory is leaking.

Firstly, it is imperative to establish what is making your conservatory leak. Old polycarbonate roofing structures may wear out with time and can begin to let in the rain. Such leaking can cause dampness and mold in your room if not corrected early enough. Also, the leaking can bring unnecessary stress and potential health problems. Unwanted water in the room can also cause damage to the flooring and furniture as well as the electrics.

A thorough inspection is thus essential to identify the cause of the leak and devise a possible remedial plan. Pay attention to the following when inspecting the leaks.

Conservatory Roof Vents

Check if the vents have proper insulation. These vents play an essential role in ensuring air and pure light enter the room. However, poor insulation of vents in conservatories can allow rain and draughts in the rooms leading to stressful leaks.

Roof Panels

The slipping or damage of roof panels can bring huge damage to your conservatories. Assess the panels for any sign of slipping or movement. Any slip or movement of the panels can leave gaps that can cause leaking.

Lead Flashing

You may diagnose a faulty lead flashing if the conservatory leaks at the point where the roof joins the house. You need to inspect to establish if the lead flashing is installed correctly. It should cover the joint between the glasshouse and the main house.

Leaking Roof

A leak at from a conservatory roof can be the worst headache to property owners. You have three ways through which you may effectively address such a problem, as described below. The discussion explores the viable solutions to such a leak from the roof.

Roof Repair

It is imperative to outsource the services of experts to help in repairing the leaking roofing structures. It is prudent to establish the cause of the leakage before beginning the repair. A faulty roof installation or the movement of the glazing can cause severe leakage in the glasshouse. Hire experts who will identify these problems and fix them to prevent further leakage.

Roof Replacement

Replacing an entire roof can help you get rid of stressful leaks in the conservatories. Glass roofs have brought significant advancement within the construction of these rooms as they come in various options. You may choose an entire glass roof or glass panels to replace the leaky roofing structures. Work with experts who will help you select a custom model that perfectly suits your room.

Conversion to an Extension

It is imperative to reflect on converting a leaking conservatory into a perfect extension of the larger house at your residence. Such an initiative can help you save space and form an ideal space for the family. You can choose glass panels or a solid roof during the transformation.

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