What To Do If Your Conservatory Gets Too Hot

Conservatories are quite common among British homeowners. You can spend time in this space during all seasons. However, the rooms can get quite hot during summer months and this can spoil all the fun. Read on to find out what to do if your conservatory gets too hot.

Open the windows

One of the most basic things you can do to help you regulate the temperature in the room is to open the windows and doors when there is a cool breeze outside. This will help to circulate cool air inside the house. But when the weather is hot and humid, the best thing would be to close the windows and doors to prevent hot air from getting into the house.


Another quick fix solution is to use blinds. Blinds will help to reduce the glare of the sun in the space. This will greatly help to moderate the temperature in the room. What’s more, it will insulate the room during winter and it will give you additional privacy. Blinds also add style and decor to the space.

Install Air Conditioning

Air conditioning will help to circulate cool air in the room. This is one of the best ways to keep the space cool. You will have to take into consideration the initial cost of buying the equipment, plus having it installed in addition to the cost of running and maintaining it.

Use Solar Roof Reflective Glass

Applying solar glass coating will help to reflect away 80% of the sun’s rays. This involves coating the inner part of the glass with two or more layers of metallic oxide. Moreover, this coating provides UV protection. This helps to prevent skin damage. It also decreases chances of the furnishing fading; as a result of being regularly exposed to the sun. The good thing is that it is an inexpensive option.

Roof Replacement

Replace your current roof with one that has thermal properties. This will keep it cool during summer months and warm during winter. Even though this might seem like an expensive solution initially, it is a long term solution. Some roof options include glass, slates, poly-carbonate, tiles and composite panels.


The best way to cool down the space is to consider the different options discussed here and combine different strategies. Since each situation is different, choose what will work for you. You can also consult a professional to help you work out an effective long term solution.

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