What Is A Roof Lantern And Why You Should Get One

Roof lanterns are appealing home and business additions that are guaranteed to increase the value and marketability of your property investment. Like many consumers, however, you may be asking the question, “What is a roof lantern?” Following is some very important information about these structures, including several reasons why you should get one.

Contrary to what the name of this unit appears to imply, this is not a light that is simply hung on the roof. Instead, it is a window or covered glass opening that is designed to let the natural light flow in. In some areas, roof lanterns are simply referred to as skylights. Unlike other windows that are placed on the exterior walls of buildings, these openings are obviously prized for their ability to naturally illuminate spaces.

To understand the full range of benefits that these additions are capable of providing, you have to consider their locations. Depending upon where a new lantern is situated, it should be able to offer a variety of both functional and aesthetic benefits. You also have to account for the differing values that you might get from a single structure in a specific location, according to the time of year.

For one thing, these units are great for illuminating spaces throughout the daylight hours. Not only will they brighten up the related indoor area, but they can also make rooms feel significantly more spacious. Whenever more light is allowed to flow into a room, people will have a greater tendency to describe this same room as feeling big and airy. This is therefore a great way to make a tight and formerly cramped space feel a lot more enjoyable to both current home residents and prospective buyers.

If you choose to add a roof lantern to a room that formerly required a lot of overhead lighting and electricity use, then this is an addition that could well pay for itself over time, in terms of the resulting energy savings. More often than not, you will never need to use the overhead lights in this space during the daylight hours.

At nighttime, a roof lantern will also give you clear visibility of the night sky. This is the great way to enhance the ambiance of a space for all time. Imagine yourself relaxing in a hot, evening bath, while watching the stars come out just overhead. This is a great addition for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Some of these lanterns even have the ability to open and close. Thus, not only can you let more natural light in, but you can also greatly increase overall cross ventilation. These are among some of the best skylights to have when you want to reduce your reliance upon your home cooling system during the summer and springtime.

You also have to account for the comforting, soothing sound of pelting rain as it hits the overhead glass. This can be incredibly relaxing and cathartic for those who have a hard time falling asleep. In a very practical sense, however, these overhead additions can also add a lot of value to your home while additionally making the building structure far easier to market. This means that you can attract qualified buyers in almost no time at all, and can collect higher profits overall by dramatically increasing your sales price.

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