What Are UPVC Casement Windows?

If the windows are truly the eyes of your home, then you really want your eyes to give off a good impression. That means ensuring that they are in good, working condition and that they are doing right by your house. Unfortunately, many windows are actually a big of a liability for the structure. They may let in too much heat or cold depending on the season and could be costing you a bundle in energy bills. If you think this is the case, now is the time to look into uPVC casement windows as replacements.

Wood frames have been the window frame norm for far too long. Yes, wood has a certain look and feel to it, but it is a poor insulator, which means that air can get through to chill your house in winter or warm it up in summer. Also, it rots over time, so when it is hit by a lot of rain, snow, or ice, it can deteriorate rapidly, which means it needs periodic replacing. This all adds up to lots of money down the drain.

uPCV units have none of these problems. They are airtight and use a multi-point locking system to ensure that there are no holes or drafts. This means less cold or hot air getting into your home, which reduces your energy needs drastically. Since the sills are airtight, you also don’t have to worry about little bugs or critters getting into your house as well.

The panes are usually double or even triple glazed. This means that there is more than one clear panel, with a gap between the two. The gap acts as another insulator, which works even further towards keeping your rooms a comfortable temperature, even in extreme weather. The material is strong and quite durable, so a thief would not be able to just smash it, making them a good source of security.

The frames are also reinforced, which makes them harder to remove. If thieves cannot simply smash their way through, they will often remove part of the frame to get in. That is much harder to do on a uPVC model, providing even more security against a home invasion or robbery. The final security flourish is that the units are fitted and beaded from the inside, making them even harder to break or remove.

Many people like the look and finish of wood, which is why they are hesitant to jump on the uPVC train. Fortunately, there are many finishes, including a wood grain finish, available. Through precise engineering, many of these materials can be made to look like real wood. You can even order them in a wide variety of colors to match the facade of your home. And the best part is, you never have to paint them. No more worrying about paint fading or chipping away.

Before you order your windows, make sure they have a Window Energy Rating or WER. This usually comes in the form of a label on the unit that tells how well they insulate. They come in ratings ranging from an ‘A’ for the highest level to a G, which is the lowest. To get the best return on investment, make sure your WER rating is at least a ‘C.’

You can ask the company you choose to replace the windows what the WER rating is. They will be happy to explain which models they have and give you an estimate of replacement costs based on how many windows need replacing and which models you ultimately choose.

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