How To Clean UPVC Doors

uPVC doors are the preference of most people due to their beautiful clean white images. Commonly, the beauty diminishes when the door is hit by elements and dulled over time. If you want to restore the uPVC to retain its initial glory and beauty, proper cleaning is needed. This article highlights more on how to clean uPVC doors.

Experts will tell you, when cleaning your uPVC entrances, ensure you aren’t using abrasive cleaners or products like scouring pad, iron wool, white spirit, and WD40. They are likely to remove the glossy finish. Some of the materials you might need include; Vacuum, Spray bottle, Warm water, White vinegar, and a soft cloth. Cleaning your uPVC entrance will require you to consider the steps below.

Consider opening your door as wide as possible. Avoid opening it partly as destruction might cause the door to break by accidental hard banging. It is advisable to use the brush nozzle on your vacuum. But, if you lack the brush nozzle, consider attaching a toilet roll cardboard tube. That way, you can bend or cut it to shapes that will fit the slots around your door. Now, use your vacuum, clean around the inner sections of a door frame. Pay great attention to crannies and nooks around the locking mechanism and door frame corners.

Create a mixture of one cup of white vinegar and four cups of warm water. Put your mixture in a spritzer bottle that you will use to spray on the uPVC. Leave the mixture for nearly ten minutes before use.

Use a clean, dry cloth and soak it for another ten minutes before wiping down the frames. Then, ensure that you clean the entrance regularly, particularly if you have installed sliding doors. Sliding doors are commonly affected by dirt building up.

If your door is still in warranty, take great care when handling and cleaning this door. These steps will ensure the entrance way goes to its original aesthetics fast. Ensure you consider each step while cleaning.

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