Discover The Many Benefits Of Double Glazing Doors And Windows

Double glazing, also referred to as insulated glazing is the utilization of two panels of glass instead of a single panel of glass in doors and windows. By using two panes of glass the gap between the panes reduces the transmission of sound and heat dramatically. In more cost effective products, the gap may be only air, but in higher quality and efficient units, a gas such as argon may be used to fill the gap and offer superior performance. There are many benefits of double glazing windows and doors.

If you install double glazed windows in your home, it will be quieter. Noise from vehicles, airplanes, loud air conditioners, barking dogs and clubs among other sources can detract you from enjoy peacefulness in your house. The two layers of glass dilute noise as it passes through them. Noise reduction ranges from 20 to 77 percent depending on the type of insulted glazing you use. Windows that have a larger air cavity reduce noise better.

Another benefit of using double glazed windows is lower energy bills. Windows can significantly impact on the cooling and heating loads of buildings. A home can lose up to 40 percent of its heating energy and gain up to 87 percent of heat through the windows. If the thermal efficiency of windows is good, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions reduce.

Your home can also be more secure when you install two pane windows and doors. Most burglars enter a house through a window or door. Single glazed windows do not offer a house protection from burglars. The two pane windows and doors, which have security enhancing UPVC framing and multi point locking technology can deter would be burglars.

Two pane windows and doors can also help reduce damage caused by ultraviolet light in your home such as fading of furniture and upholstery. These windows and doors reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that enters a house. Laminated glass is more efficient in this aspect. It can reduce the penetration of UV light by up to 95 percent. Tinted glass also reduces the penetration of a significant amount of UV light.

Installing double glazed windows and doors in your home will also increase comfort. These windows and doors will keep the heat out during the summer season, and keep the warmth in during the winter season. The layer between the two panes of glass causes a barrier that keeps the cold temperatures outside from having an effect on the temperature in the house and vice versa. Some superior types of glass can improve the thermal efficiency of windows by up to seventy percent.

Two pane windows also help reduce condensation. Condensation can cause damage when the moisture trickles down to the wall, carpet or window frames, especially those made of wood. Condensation occurs whenever cold air comes into contact with a warm surface. The gas or air between double glazed windows keeps the glass on the inside at room temperature. This eliminates dampness and condensation within a home.

Double glazed doors and windows can also increase the value of our house by helping it to achieve a higher star energy rating. They will also reduce your carbon footprint. You can install insulated glazing when building or renovating a home and reap all these benefits.

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