Can You Paint UPVC Windows And Doors: Maintenance Tips

When the office building or residential building looks worn and dated, due to faded and discolored unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), rather than the cost of replacing the units with a higher priced alternative, some home or business owners choose to improve the appearance of the building by adding touch-up paint to surfaces. This plan may be panned by some critics who don’t believe uPVC can be painted successfully. Read further to learn more about the correct answer to the question ‘Can you paint uPVC windows and doors?’

It is true that this material can be painted, but there are some caveats attached. For example, careful preparation of surfaces must be done before painting. The surface should be clean and dry to improve the performance of the new paint application. The surface should be sanded with 220 or 240-grit sandpaper in order to raise the surface energy of the plastic.

Using the correct paint is another requirement. Choose paints made with polyurethane and acrylic, which will permit better adherence to the surface of the window sill or door. Painting the surface using sprays or a brush is a solution utilized by more and more contractors, seeking to provide a more economical and readily available alternative to replacing the entire unit with wood or aluminum. Furthermore, the repainting process can be done in much less time. Application of paints is appropriate for many lower-cost restoration and renovation projects.

uPVC is a type of energy efficient plastic which has some specific benefits as an alternative solutions to update the look and aesthetic appeal of a home or business structure. The material is rigid and doesn’t change shape in the sun’s heat. The material is also recyclable, although not biodegradable. At extremely high temperatures, the material can be repurposed and remoulded.

This type of plastic is much more safe than polyvinyl chloride or PVC, since is doesn’t contain BPA (Bisphenol A) or hazardous phthalates. It is also resistant to fires, which is an advantage over wooden frames.

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