Vital Aspects On Pre-holiday Security Checklist

You are ready to go to that much-needed vacation. You go through every thing and see that you are set to go, but on your way to the airport, you have a niggling feeling that maybe you haven’t switched off the light or locked the door. Even if you have the flawless pre-holiday security checklist, you can have moments where you doubt yourself. The article compiles a list of things to crosscheck before departing for a vacation.

Ensure you get a house sitter during the period you will be gone. When someone is living in the house, some incidence like burglary will be deterred away. Houses occupied are usually not attractive to intruders. You can also talk to your neighbor or friend, to see whether they can be picking the mail and watering plants while you are away. Such acts can act as a deterrent and will look like someone is living in it.

With many advances in technology, you can be able to operate all electronics in your house while you are miles away. Such timers come in handy since it will help you to plug in a radio or lamp when you are far away. Smart home technologies can enable you even to answer your doorbell. If you have any daily subscriptions like milk visits or newspaper delivery, it would be wise to cancel them during the period you will be vacating.

This will eliminate any factors that would indicate you are not home like a soggy newspaper or milk attacked by birds. Do not leave a spare key under a mat since unwelcome guest will look there first. You can give your neighbor or friend to keep it for you while away. This is important to do this because if there is no evidence of forced entry, your insurer may not pay up.

It is impractical to hide everything in your house, but you can do certain things to make it less attractive to thieves. Installing a net curtain will obscure the view making it less attractive for intruders who want to gain access. Ensure that all your valuables are correctly stored away and are insured. Most opportunistic thieves would go straight to your jewellery box in your bedroom. It is therefore wise to put them in a safe place since such items are easily sold and not traced quickly.

Ensure your car keys are out of sight. You may put them in a hidden safe or leave it with someone you trust. A house can become a potential stake for thieves if they see a car on the driveway. Put your vehicle in a garage during the period you will be away if you did not find a trustworthy person to give it to.

As the department day is first approaching, check the fence and gates if they are in excellent working conditions. Test the locks to ascertain that they work. Check the garden to see any item that can be used to break-in into your house. Place the dustbin behind the gate to ensure that it is not used to break in.

You may get excited and want to post how many days are left to be on your way to paradise on social media; it is advisable not to do it. This will make it easy for intruders to know when you will be gone and come to your place to steal. Make sure on the departure day; you see to it that all windows are locked, timers set, any left jewellery stored away safely.

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