How To Stop Internal Condensation On Double Glazing

Condensation on double-glazed windows can be dangerous when left untreated. It can cause window glasses to slide down, causing damage or hurting someone; it causes reduced visibility, and can even cause wet rot. Any property owner should therefore work towards reducing double glazing condensation. In this guide, we discuss how to stop internal condensation on double glazing.

Improve the Ventilation

Condensation occurs on the window panels as a result of various factors. One obvious factor is having a property with poor ventilation. This results in a temperature difference between the inside and outside the room, causing condensation. This can be dealt with by improving air circulation, which reduces the amount of humidity inside buildings. Opening windows daily for a short period allows damp air to escape and prevent condensation.

Use a Dehumidifier or an Extractor Fan

When cooking and showering, using hot water results in increased moisture levels inside rooms. The moisture settles on surfaces, and the difference in temperatures between the inside and outside results in condensation on these surfaces. This can be dealt with by using an extractor or a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from rooms before it can settle on surfaces.

Avoid Dry Laundry Inside

Drying wet clothes inside the rooms can lead to a significant building up of moisture. The moisture settles on surfaces and results in condensation because of the difference in room temperatures. This can be stopped by avoiding dry cleaning inside rooms, or by ensuring laundry spaces are well-ventilated.

Do Not Grow Many Houseplants

Having many houseplants results in increased moisture levels in rooms. This consequently results in moisture setting on surfaces and results in condensation. This can be dealt with by choosing houseplants which absorb humidity, such as cactus and fern. Rearranging houseplants can also help curb this problem by moving them outside. With this, one should be able to act accordingly after understanding which factor contributes to double glazing condensation.

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