How Much Do Bi-Fold Doors Cost

A bifold door is also known as an accordion door. They are designed to provide coverage for large openings, and fold back against the wall on one or both sides. When a room needs to have the capability of being divided into smaller spaces, this type of door is a great choice. Read on if you want to learn more information about how much do bi-fold doors cost.

Often, buyers think that these accordion designs are only appropriate for large spaces, which need to be temporarily reduced to smaller spaces, for various reasons. However, the doors are also helpful in smaller spaces, because of their small, thin frames and large glass areas. This is especially true when they are installed on outer walls. The eyes are drawn to the vistas outside of the room.

The price of these units will vary according to various components. The materials of which they are constructed are just one of these components. Generally, the installation can be expected to cost around $500 to $900 per linear square foot. In the United Kingdom, a bi-fold door cost starts at just over 1,000 pounds, and the price goes higher depending on the materials, size and number of panels.

Interior units can be made of various materials, including wood, uPVC, composite, and glass and aluminum in the example of exterior wall installations. One of the more popular options is aluminum. The metal equipment is strong, thermally efficient when fitted with a thermal break and are easy to maintain. Premium quality aluminum is more flexible and has a better quality finish.

The price of accordion products and installations is affected by quality and building materials, but is also due to the workmanship. If professional installation is necessary, this can add to the overall price, but the professionals have the expertise and tools to ensure that the work is done correctly.

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