Benefits Of Double Glazing Security Locks

According to recent statistics on home break-ins, about 70-80% of all burglars tend to access houses through the door. Most of them smash the glass in order to find the locks to open the house while others opt to wiggle though open windows. Home break-ins are the worst nightmares for homeowners but luckily double glazing security locks prevent burglars as well as offer several other benefits below.

Double glazed windows come with some added security features. Wooden frames are supplemented with hooks and deadbolts to offer an extra protection to the valuables inside the home. Aluminum frames are also reinforced with some locks although it is quite difficult for a person to pry them open from outside due to their nice sealing. The uPVC units have high-security locks that make it hard for the windows to be opened from outside.

The locks are extremely important in the bedroom of your child as it prevents them from falling out accidentally. The restricted window hinges are locked in a way that restricts the amount that the window will open. This will help in keeping your children safe as they play around in their rooms oblivious of the looming danger were they to fall through the windows.

If you live in a not-so-safe neighborhood, the lock will be ideal to keep away intruders when you are not around or when asleep. You can use them on the bedrooms located on the ground floor when you need some ventilation or during summer evenings. Intruders are known to come calling when they know you are away or asleep but this feature will deter their efforts.

Installing the double glazed window doors fully fitted with anti-theft lock and anti-crowbar finishing, you add an extra security feature to your home. You will be able to make a substantial saving on your home insurance premiums as insurance companies take note of the security measures a home owner puts in place to protect their homes. Double glazed windows when used as doors make your home to be more secure.

They serve as major deterrents of crime as the internal mechanisms have proven to be a stumbling block to forced entries. Most criminal elements always look for the easiest ways to gain access into a house as most of the crimes are not premeditated. If you have taken all these security measures, they will leave your premises in search of other easier targets.

The closing and locking mechanisms used on the double glazed windows are of a higher quality hence last for longer without breaking after just a short period of time. The high-tech and durable locking mechanisms ensure that your home does not become vulnerable to attacks due to faults. They are also designed in a way that makes them easy to use thereby minimizing their chances of getting damaged in the ordinary circumstances.

Most locks used in this case are the ones with a handle and a tab which once they close it gets really difficult to open them when you are outside. Only a person inside the house can be able to open the window by getting hold of the handle and undoing it. These cockspur handles were made to lock immediately they are closed for added security purposes.

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